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A new podcast covering all things Connecticut soccer! 

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May 27, 2021

Hours after he signed, new Hartford Athletic forward Jeciel Cedeño introduces himself to the masses on pod! That plus a whole lot more going on in the world of Hartford soccer as May comes to a close.

May 13, 2021

Hartford Athletic captain Danny Barrera joins the podcast on the eve of the season opener of Dillon Stadium.  Plus the guys recap Hartford's big road win at Miami, upcoming match day festivities and more!

May 4, 2021

Coming off his first cap with Hartford Athletic (in which he scored his first goal for the green), Juan Carlos Obregón joins the guys to chat about his experience thus far early in his Athletic career.  That plus we take a run through the rumor mill as the season gets underway!

Apr 17, 2021

From the invitational combine to signing his first pro contract, Walmer Martinez was a fan favorite from his first touch, and now we've got his first interview as a member of Hartford Athletic! Plus some more preseason news and a look around the state as soccer begins its strong 2021 comeback. We're on to season 3!

Feb 8, 2021

From a women's side in Hartford to the partnership with Leyton Orient, a new charity and the academy, Hartford Athletic chairman Bruce Mandell returns to the pod with another intel laden chat with the guys.  Plus Myke has an update on the legalization of smoke bombs!